Frequently Asked Questions


What is Smart Exam Portal?

Smart Exam portal is an online platform developed by Medical Training Section at Medical Education and Research Department to conduct assessments/exams in a paperless way using innovative technology.

Who will be benefited from the Smart Exam portal?

DHA team who is responsible for staff assessments/exam.

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What are the technical requirements to participate in an exam?

You will needed a computer preferably a laptop with below facilities:

  1. A good internet connection
  2. A latest web browser ( Preferably google chrome)
  3. A web Cam / smart phone ( For some kind of exam)
  4. A microphone / smart phone ( For some kind of exam)
  5. PC with Safe Exam Browser installed  ( For some kind of exam)

How i can participate in an exam in this portal?

You need to have an account to access the exam portal. The exam organizers, will provide you with the necessary information to create your own account.

Once I have my own account in the smart exam portal, How can I access the exams?

The exam organizer will provide you an exam access key to the specific exam. After login to smart exam portal using your credentials, you will be able to view all your listed assessments. Choose your specific exam and enter your access key and follow the instructions.


Do I need to complete the exam within a specific date or time?

It depends upon the type of exam you registered for.   Some exam will have a specific start and end time and you have to strictly follow the timing or else the exam will close automatically.

How is the time limitation in the exam?

If your exam has time limitations, then the exam will open only in that specific time. You have to answer all your questions within that limited time. If you are late or you couldn’t answer the questions within the time limit, then the exam will submit your answers automatically once the exam time reached.

After submitting the exam will I be able to see my score or do I need to wait for my results?

Viewing results will depends upon your permission level, if the examiner permit you to view the score you will know your score immediately or else you have to wait for the e-mail notification.

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What are the technical support required for an exam organizer to organize the exam?

The exam organizers need a computer with internet access and exam related data’s/ documents to Organize the exam.

Who can approach to upload the exams in the smart exam portal?

You can coordinate the Medical Training Section Team (Mr. Jasim, Ms. Abeer and Ms. Geetha) at Medical Education and Research Department for the necessary support.

Can I know, which all types of exam’s can be uploaded in the Smart Exam Portal?

The system currently accepts below question types

  1. Vertical Multiple Choice (MCQ)
  2. Short Answer
  3. Paragraph
  4. Image based MCQ

For more details, please contact MERD training section.